I HAD A DREAM – the modern blended family

grand canyon edited

The modern blended family can bring with it many emotions, struggles, and blessings.  Navigating exes, step-children, biological children, and family interpersonal relationships can feel overwhelming and cause stress and contention inside your core family unit.  At the same time, it can be beautiful and amazing when we center and root our self and our family deep into a solid foundation of love, acceptance, and openness to the incredible that each individual can bring into this family dynamic. Each person has the choice to embrace and build what makes it great!

I had a dream

A dream of handshakes and smiles with each parent whose children share part of their life with me

A dream of crisp life and reality, without the fog that chemicals, used to escape, bring into my home

A dream of Christmas, where all that are family, whether they have been accepted as such or not, come together to celebrate, support, and encourage one another

I had a dream of building up, instead of using past mistakes to tear down and gain advantage

A dream of putting aside destructive thoughts around relationships that aren’t supposed to work, and making them close

A dream of pure vulnerability, allowing all to see who I am, who she is, and who he is, the mistakes that have been made…and still being accepted for the light that still glows inside

A dream where God touches each life, each action, and each emotion felt, which eliminates the feeling of being alone

I had a dream of closeness and touch that transcends the body’s urge to fulfill a primal desire

A dream of walls crumbling and silos melting into a stew that unites us

A dream of understanding and knowing that with just one small choice, our roles would be reversed

A dream where birds fly, children play, and the homeless receive a meal

I had a dream where fear vanished and the thoughts we had moved from a nice idea to action that enriched the life of others

A dream where there was no tearing down in an attempt to make our selves feel stronger

A dream of early morning walks, dogs running, and family dinner at night

A dream of never sleeping alone, when the one I love is present in the place I stay


Travis N. Jensen


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