There is a healthy alternative to POOR SLEEP for First Responders

When asking Law Enforcement Officers across the nation, what symptoms from the job disrupts your life the most, poor sleep was a consistent complaint with each First Responder. Heightened awareness, not just from the day, but from the months and years dealing with the stressful and dangerous situations a First Responder is faced with can destroy healthy sleep. Add to that nightmares, rotating shifts, call-outs for special teams, and pain from the physical aspects of the job, and there is not much room for quality sleep. 

Poor Sleep impacts attention, memory, and quality decision making, which are all crucial aspects of the job as a First Responder. Consistently dealing with poor sleep will increase anxiety symptoms, depressive moods, alcohol use, obesity, diabetes, and the risk of death. Quality social connection, laughter and levity will also decrease, impacting relationships and overall quality of life. 

Whether its dealing pain from altercations, training, and wearing duty belts, or mentally managing what has been seen and experienced that most of the general public will never understand, the most common supplements used to cope with what is contributing to poor sleep are what is pictured above: alcohol, ibuprofen and prescription pain pills.  Each of these brings with it their own problems that could further negatively impact First Responders over the long run. So, what is the alternative? 

One company, THP Medical, has partnered with Law Enforcement Officers to naturally combat poor sleep and the consequences that come from not gaining restful sleep. Active-duty officers agreed to fill out a survey before and after 30 days of daily use of the THP 3600mg broad spectrum CBD tinctures and the THP 1800mg full spectrum CBD Muscle Gel. The image above depicts the results of the survey. Four out of 5 officers had significant improvement in sleep, anxiety, physical pain, mental clarity, and productivity at work. 

THP LE Formula has brought me to a place I never thought I would be. I have quality sleep again, energy that lasts into the evening, and clarity of mind I never thought was achievable. THP gave me a happier life.” 

Officer B.A.J.:  21 years in law enforcement. Experience includes SWAT Sniper, Vice, Gang Task force, FTO & Patrol

“I’ve used the sleep formula for 3 nights now and it has helped even more than the regular THP Formula”

“It works great for sleep! If I feel kind of tired, I just take CBD alone. If I need to get up early and I know I’m going to have trouble getting to sleep, I take the Sleep Formula. Twenty to thirty minutes later, I’m sleeping”

“It works great!”

“It definitely puts me to sleep quick, but CBD alone works well for me. That’s all I need.”

Near the end of the survey period, Active Duty Officers had the opportunity to compare the THP 3600mg First Responder Formula to the 1050mg First Responder Sleep Formula, which includes, CBD, CBN, and melatonin. The summary from participants was that when additional help with sleep is needed, beyond the THP 3600mg First Responder tinctures, the THP Sleep Formula provided that. 

THP has worked to provide a high quality, organic, and medical-grade CBD for First Responders. They have gone beyond other companies by backing their claims with two independent lab tests, indicating 0.00% THC for the tinctures, in addition to showing no detectable level of THC through 5-panel drug tests provided to active Law Enforcement Officers involved in the study.

The American Medical Association found that 69% of CBD products tested did NOT meet the claims they advertised. Companies should have proof that any products that are ingested do not have THC, heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins. 

 In addition to providing a product specifically designed for First Responders, THP Medical ensures that each active or retired First Responder is given the best price, which includes wholesale pricing, plus additional discounts on every order. All that is required is that a first responder set up an account at and then send a picture of their department ID to An additional 5% from each sale is donated to further support the Health and Wellness of our First Responders. 

Supplements are just one aspect of healthy living. Getting peer support, counseling, exercise, yoga, meditation, the service of others, and focus on a higher power are all part of the solution that can lead to a fulling life at the end of the shift. When integrating CBD into a healthy living plan, make sure that the CBD you take has been used and tested in First Responders. 

CYFworld has a mission to boldly empower people with skills and resources that provide the foundation for breakthrough achievement and strong personal connection that is grounded deep in purpose. CYFworld connected First Responder thought-leaders with THP Medical partners to further our mission for real empowerment with our First Responder partners.

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