“Tell me more,” a simple phrase with BIG impact

One our our largest “needs” as individuals and groups of people is to feel heard and understood. That need is also one that we tend to strip away from others as we stand armed and ready with our talking points, without truly understanding the “why” behind our nemesis’s words or actions.

There are some people that are set on hurting and undermining others, but most of us that fight have similar goals, values and aspirations at our core. Author Brene Brown states, “it’s hard to hate close up, move in.” There is so much truth and power in those simple words. The more we understand the other side, what drives them, how experiences have shaped their opinions and what their goals and aspirations are for future, the more we see how much more there is that connects us than divides us.

“Tell me more” is a simple and specific phrase that will break down walls that divide us as a people. This is true for personal relationships, parenting, community, and that division we feel throughout the United States today.

Replacing anger, frustration and our “knee-jerk” response with an authentic attempt to truly understand the “other side,” with a request to “tell me more” when we disagree with another point of view, will break down walls and initiate real conversation about how and where we can connect and come together for positive change.


Excerpts from EMPOWERMENT through Sales, a proven, simple, and widely applicable formula to positively shape the world around you, by Travis N. Jensen and Choose Your Fate world.

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